Laurie Sue Brockway

Journalist, Wedding Officiant, and Author

Some of My Books


I began my career was in journalism began as an advice columnist and crime reporter, then features editor, for Brooklyn Paper Publications. Since then my work has been widely published -- literally thousands of articles, in hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the world, and online.

I spent two decades investigating, experiencing and reporting on a wide range of “women's issues” and for a long time specialized in writing about romance, sexuality, self-esteem, relationship dynamics, health and spirituality.

In my very colorful career in media I was Editor-in-Chief of two national magazines -- Playgirl as well as Single Living Magazine -- and was Manhattan Bureau Chief and then Managing Editor of Women’s News.

It was always my dream to write books. I taught myself to do that by editing saucy novels for a small publishing company, and then penning a few of my own. In 1991, my first book was published on the same day my son was born. The book has been out of print for years. The son is AWESOME and recently graduated from college as a media studies student. He recently got his first job as a radio producer.

I've written 13 books of my own, and have ghosted and edited about 35 others.

One of the most life-changing events happened in 1997 when I got the call to ministry and at 40 years old went back to school as a seminarian. In 1999 I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and from there went on to specialize in wedding ministry. In 15 years I have helped many families blend their lives and have joined together hundreds of couples from all backgrounds and belief systems.

Another life-changing event in my life was going back to college, at age 54, to get a new B.A. in Human Development and Psychology and to continue on, working on my masters in Marriage and Family Counseling.

I thought I had "retired" from journalism when I went into ministry but on the contrary, my work continued in columns, blogs, and freelance editing positions, and I had a chance to write a great deal about love, marriage, weddings, and spirituality.

In 2008 I was offered a special opportunity to blend my skills as a media professional with my calling as a minister when I was offered the job of Family and Inspiration Editor of Beliefnet, then the largest inspiration and spirituality site on the Internet.

In 2010 I moved on to become Senior Editor for Sexual Health and Relationships for Everyday Health, where I launched the site, Love and Sex with Dr. Laura Berman, who is one of the worlds leading experts on those topics. I was responsible for all aspects of the site and its small staff.

From there I was asked to join the team as Editor for Emotional Health and Sexual Health. There I was writing three major stories a week, and covering many breaking studies, mostly focused on mental health issues, sexual and women's health.

Currently, I write on weddings, love, and romance for The Huffington Post and report on emotional health and relationships for P&G Everyday via Cafe Mom.

This website was designed to archive my work as a journalist and author.

Many Blessings,

Laurie Sue Brockway